Olive Media

»We have worked with cdk for the German market since 2009 and continue to be impressed by the outstanding press work and market understanding.«

Robert Altmann, VP Business Development, Olive Media Inc.


About Olive Media

Olive was founded in 2005 by Dr. Oliver Bergmann and Robert Altmann, who are not only passionate about technology but also about music.

Dr. Bergmann was immediately excited by how digital technology has made it so much more convenient for people to purchase, store, and manage their music. Thanks to products like the iPod™, people of all ages are able to listen to digital music on the go. The new devices promised thousands of songs in your pocket, delivering more access to music than ever before. And a better way to organize and search for the music people wanted to hear.

However, Dr. Bergmann found something disturbing in this new trend. Although the benefits of digital music were wonderful, he realized that they came at a significant quality cost. Compressed digital files seriously affect the quality of sound, creating a dramatic compromise for music lovers.

Being a music lover themselves, they were frustrated by the fact that people had to make this compromise. The founders feel that technology should be able to improve the experience that people have with music - and ultimately, they decided to do something about it, and as a result they started Olive Media Products and built the digital music for the rest of us...


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